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Cancellation Policy/Disclaimer:

When you book an appointment with My Best Friend's Boutique, you will receive a call the day before your appointment to confirm the details. If there is no confirmation for the appointment within 24 hours, it will be assumed that the appointment has been cancelled. This policy allows for other clients to schedule an appointment for their pet to be groomed.  

What will I need from you:

I will need a area with a hard surface (non carpetted, if that is all you have I will work with it.) The area has to be low traffic, sometimes dogs get very distracted by whats going on which makes the grooming very difficult and nicking can happen. Will need a area to bathe the dog, a shower with a shower head or a bathtub. (I can provide the shower head if one is not connected.) I will be sure to tigten the shower head to prevent the shower head from leaking.


Due to severe weather reports, there may be chances of appointments being cancelled.

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